Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all those great fathers out there and thank you for all you do! I know I wouldn’t be here without my father. He loves me and takes care of me and I appreciate him so much for that. So tell your fathers that you love them. Hug and kiss them, for you don’t know how long you have left with them.


Found my BOS

Well I found my BOS. My original one that I had been working one when we were living in the house that were renting from. I’m happy because there is a lot of information that I had put in there and still need to put in there. I don’t have to refer back to the books. However, I will still work on the mini-BOS I have been working on to take with me. I’m especially happy because I have a lot of divination information and can work with my tarot cards and also regular deck cards. I was just beginning to work with regular deck cards before we left. Thank the Lord and Lady! Well, that’s it for now!


Book of Shadows

Wow! It’s been a while since I have written. Forgive me everyone. It’s one thing after another with the health and all. So we all know that the Book of Shadows (BOS) is one of the most important tool to the Witch. However, how many do you think you should have? Do you think there should be a set number? Should there be a certain way you should style it? What are your thoughts?

Well here are my thoughts. First, I think there is no set number on the BOS. You could have 50 if you wanted. It would be a lot to keep up with, but hey you’re the witch and if you want to work it that way, go for it. Second, no, there is no set number. So if there is someone saying that there is a set number, tell them they are wrong or just don’t talk to them. Third, there is no certain style. I watched a bunch of witch movies when I was young and I always loved the traditional black grimoire looking book. However, nowadays, the BOS can be a notebook till you can purchase something else, it can be a plain journal, a scrapbook, or any other things.

The reason why I wanted to start this conversation is because I am starting a smaller BOS. My bigger one is locked away somewhere and I am taking the time to make a small BOS because it is important to me to have the correspondences and all the information I need. It is small enough to fit in my purse so that it can come with me. It is a black journal and I am using black pen for it. For the correspondences, like the sun phases, I made a sun sign at the end.

So use your imagination. Let me know what you think.


Merry Beltane!

Merry Beltane everyone! Goodness I didn’t know that Beltane was coming up so fast! Hopefully, Summer Solstice won’t be like this. I hope this day will be good for everyone, both Wiccan and non-Wiccan. Blessings to you all. Unlike everyone, I’m having health issues, but I am still celebrating. I love all of you and I send you all prayers of good health and wellness. Blessings again!


Stop judging me


Today is Easter, Happy Easter to those who celebrate by the way. So as you know by the title and those who know personally, I am an Egyptian Witch/Wiccan. Personally, I do not celebrate Catholic holidays but maybe a few times a year. This includes Christmas and Easter. Usually I get my Sister, her husband, and definitely my nephew a card. This Easter was truly an eye-opener. As I mentioned I just got out of HealthSouth, a rehabilitation center after a difficulty with a bad seizure. Only my nephew came with my parents when they picked him up. My sister nor her husband came to see me. Anyway, I walked into the kitchen and my brother-in-law started talking about my stay in the center and how he was sure that I was glad I was out. He then switched the talk over to my weight and how I looked like I lost like 20 lbs. After that he got into something about praying to Jesus more or accepting him instead of praying to my dark god. I walked away and was very upset. I sat at the table and was upset, but tried to keep it in. But my sister got on me and said that I should try to accept Jesus more. I couldn’t stand it and had to go outside.

If you believe in Jesus that is fine. I have no problem. I do not disrespect it. However, do not insult me and do not in any way, insult my deities. Just because you don’t believe in them does not mean they are dark, and just because you don’t believe in them doesn’t meant they aren’t there. You have in no way any right to disrespect me. I am not any kind of Satanist (though I do not know of their religion so I won’t judge) or negative religion. If my soul ends up somewhere bad, at least I will know that I based my judgements on my view of a person’s soul. Not their outward appearances, etc… I’m not a perfect person, but I will not be attacked either. I will tell you do not judge by anything other than the soul, for if you do you will find yourself in trouble. Blessings to you all.