Name: Serenity

Nickname: Pyrite (it’s my most used)

Wiccan Name: Anubisa

Egyptian Name: Sat-Anubis (Daughter of Anubis)

Wiccan Tradition: Egyptian (Kemetic) Wicca

Personal Deities: Anubis/Anpu & Bast/Bastet

Favorite Sabbat: Samhain

Element: Air

Astrological Sign: Gemini

Spirit Animal: Wolf

Bio: Well I first began my journey into Wicca when I was a teenager. I was raised in a Catholic family and when I was a teenager I began to not feel like I belonged to the Catholic religion anymore. So I decided that I would explore different religions. I don’t know what attracted me to the Wicca religion, but I suppose because it was a religion that seemed less strict to me. When I began I was attracted to Celtic Wicca. Years later I was then attracted to Norse Wicca. Finally, I found my way to Egyptian Wicca. I found my way to Egyptian Wicca by conquering my fear of the dark. I was still afraid of the dark in my late 20s (I know, pathetic) and there was no other god I could think of to call upon to help me, but Anubis. He helped me conquer my fear of the dark and I knew that he was my personal god and I was his. In 2014, I had a dream of Bast and she became my personal goddess. That’s a little about me and my spiritual and religious journey.