So excited for my first Witches Ball!

Greetings everyone,

Well tomorrow is my first Witches Ball. Today I dyed my hair teal for fun. I’ll have to take a better picture of my hair tomorrow when I’m in the sun so you can see the color. My hair is so dark that the color is hard to see in the dark. So 11:00 is when it starts and that is the artisan and crafts festival. Then later at 6:00 pm is the costume party. I am so looking forward to this because I just haven’t had any group experience or been out with a group. I’m more solitary and it’s hard for me to mingle. So I am hoping to make a lot of friends and find some really nice things, not get a lot, but some things. Maybe a few tools. I’m just excited. I’ll take a bunch of pictures and make sure to post them tomorrow so you can see. I’ll update tomorrow or the next day, depending on how I feel. Have a blessed night!