Stop judging me


Today is Easter, Happy Easter to those who celebrate by the way. So as you know by the title and those who know personally, I am an Egyptian Witch/Wiccan. Personally, I do not celebrate Catholic holidays but maybe a few times a year. This includes Christmas and Easter. Usually I get my Sister, her husband, and definitely my nephew a card. This Easter was truly an eye-opener. As I mentioned I just got out of HealthSouth, a rehabilitation center after a difficulty with a bad seizure. Only my nephew came with my parents when they picked him up. My sister nor her husband came to see me. Anyway, I walked into the kitchen and my brother-in-law started talking about my stay in the center and how he was sure that I was glad I was out. He then switched the talk over to my weight and how I looked like I lost like 20 lbs. After that he got into something about praying to Jesus more or accepting him instead of praying to my dark god. I walked away and was very upset. I sat at the table and was upset, but tried to keep it in. But my sister got on me and said that I should try to accept Jesus more. I couldn’t stand it and had to go outside.

If you believe in Jesus that is fine. I have no problem. I do not disrespect it. However, do not insult me and do not in any way, insult my deities. Just because you don’t believe in them does not mean they are dark, and just because you don’t believe in them doesn’t meant they aren’t there. You have in no way any right to disrespect me. I am not any kind of Satanist (though I do not know of their religion so I won’t judge) or negative religion. If my soul ends up somewhere bad, at least I will know that I based my judgements on my view of a person’s soul. Not their outward appearances, etc… I’m not a perfect person, but I will not be attacked either. I will tell you do not judge by anything other than the soul, for if you do you will find yourself in trouble. Blessings to you all.



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