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First off, today is the first day of December! Can you believe how fast the year has passed? I can’t. It seems that it flies by so fast anymore. So my topic for today is about attachments. My BFF that I visited last month and I were talking yesterday. She told me that one of her friends had purchased a house and he likes buying a lot of antique things. Her son (my adopted nephew), we think and she pretty much feels, has a gift of seeing things. I’ve told her not to suppress this or he might not be able to use this gift in the future. She has been a Wiccan in the past and mixes it with her beliefs now. She’s not a full Wiccan, but she accepts the religion and has deep ties with the Egyptian and Voodoo religions since she is African-American and because of her family.

Anyway, her son saw something in the fireplace and was very scared. He didn’t want to stay and the friend of my BFF is going to have a cleansing done by another Wiccan (supposedly). However, my BFF plans to go behind this person and do a cleansing, blessing, and binding of the place.

I guess what I am trying to get to is that if you are a collector of antiques or buy anything old, be careful. As humans we grow attached to things. This can be good or bad. For example, I have kept my Grandpa’s old Army uniform. It doesn’t have any energy attached to it, good or bad. This is something I’m attached to because my grandfather died to early for me. He never saw me graduate high school and I miss him very much. Another example could be of someone having a fond attachment of a rocking chair. This may be something that brings up so many good memories that the person doesn’t want to leave it just yet. Or they attach some of themselves to it before they go. A negative example, I can think of, is a person being murdered near an object and staying with it until they feel it is time to go or until they are exorcised.

I’m not saying don’t buy antiques. I’m not trying to ban antiques. Please don’t think that. However, be wary. I’m not a psychic, but I have feelings when I am around places and items. If it is pretty, but your gut or feelings are warning you off, then chances are you shouldn’t get it. So what are your thoughts on attachments? Any advice or have you had any experience? Thanks for visiting.



4 thoughts on “Attachments

  1. Yes! I wish more people understood this sort of thing. The energy you’re talking about is often referred to as psychometric or psychomantic energy, and it’s the reason that I also recommend that people scan anything they buy second-hand and cleanse used objects of any unwanted energy. I can’t say too much about it; whereas my wife is a fantastic psychometrist (aka psychomancer), I almost never pick up on such energy. But it does seem to come from the circumstances in which the object was kept, with intense emotions (good or bad) being picked up and passed along the most prominently in many cases.

    Assuming no one involved minds my asking, what do you mean about binding the house energy? Are you talking about warding? I recommend the warding of houses, but I very rarely believe in binding household energies. I tend to believe that they should be accepted and worked with if they should stay – and banished completely if they shouldn’t. I can think of exceptions – and not everyone believes as I do – but I thought I’d share my thoughts.


    • Thanks for the comment. I probably meant warding or cleansing the spirit energy. I have told her that it can be dangerous for her friend to buy second-hand products if they aren’t cleansed and he doesn’t pay attention to the energies. I don’t have the sensitivity that her son has and have told her to not force that away, which she agrees. I hope that her friend starts to be careful when he gets more second-hand items. It’s good to re-use items, but he needs to pay attention to their energies.


  2. Good. Warding is fine, but binding can lead to energy imbalances if done for too long or outside of some pretty specific contexts.

    I would suggest surveying the energy of any incoming object, even if it’s new (although new things haven’t had as much time to absorb psychic impressions, they can still pick up strong signals from factory workers, other shoppers in the store where they were bought, etc.) Of course, you don’t have to get rid of the energy – just the stuff you don’t want. Psychometric (or psychomantic) energy can actually be very positive. In fact, one of the only places that even I can pick up on psychometric energy is this bed and breakfast where I’ve done a few readings; the energy there is so loving and calming and joyful that I’d never recommend that they try to fully neutralize it. It belongs there, and it improves the environment. Then again, one of the only other places I pick up on psychometric energy is one of the most horrible, dirty, awful-feeling places I’ve ever been. But I guess that just shows it’s more about the type of energy than whether or not it’s present.

    I can’t say for sure without knowing the situation, but, if your friend’s son is like most psychic youngsters, it’s good advice for him not to learn to fear arcane energies. At the same time, he doesn’t have to face them without aid. It sounds like this would be a good time to teach him some basic, natural shielding techniques. I don’t recommend heavy shields (like those that might be conjured with a correspondence like a brick edifice or a metal tank) but, rather, light filtering shields that arise from imagery like shifting leaves or gentle waves of water or a gauzy spiderweb through which one can see but not be readily seen. These types of shields are strong enough for most contact, but they also allow for some energy to travel to and from the spirit worker. But, again – although I am an ordained pagan minister and have something of a background in developmental psychology – I cannot offer anything definite because I don’t know the particulars of the situation. All I can say for sure is that I’m glad his family is supportive of his gifts.


    • Thanks for the advice. I’ll definitely let my friend know. I’m also glad she is very supportive of his abilities and I definitely don’t want him to lose his psychic abilities, but neither do I want him to be scared. I think if he is encouraged and supported by his parents he can have a healthy relationship with the spirits. Again thank you and I will talk with my friend.


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