Been a few

Greetings everyone,

I apologize for not updating. I have had a personal health issue and have let that keep me depressed for a while. I have not wanted to write for a while, but I have to write and get out of my depression. Well I went to see my friend on the 3rd of this month and left on the 5th. I was having issues with migraines. The entire time I had a migraine while I was down there. I had given myself two shots of my Ketorolac shot that I give to myself when my migraines are coming on. I wanted to stay to Sunday, but I couldn’t because I just was having so much bad pain. I went back up on the 5th and the next day I went to the E.R. They gave me fluids, benadryl, and some other medicine for my pain. So Monday morning, I get up at 3:00 in the morning, or around that time, to watch Good Eats. My mom is up with me and I have already eaten. I feel shaky and I think it’s just low blood sugar. My mom has started back upstairs and I am about to join her after I turn off the light. I already ate something to give me something for my blood sugar, but I’m a bit shaky still. The next thing I know I am sitting back against the couch and my mom is looking at me. I just had a seizure. A Grand Mal at that. That day I had three Grand Mal seizures. I had gone 18 months without seizures and I have start six months without seizures now before I drive by myself again. You can understand why I was a bit depressed for a few.

Sometimes I get really upset with my body because I don’t know why I was the one who got all these problems and my sister turned out fine. However, I remember that Lord Anubis and Lady Bast have a part for me in this world. They wouldn’t send me a challenge I couldn’t face. So it’s countdown time again. It will seem so long now, but I am going to make it pass by quickly, somehow.

Anyway, sorry for the long silence. Thanks for visiting!



3 thoughts on “Been a few

  1. Wow! I knew you’d gotten sick, but I wasn’t aware that it was so bad. I will ask one of the temporal magic guides I work with to send some healing energy for you to the next point in space-time when you’ll be feeling poorly.

    Did your doctor(s) try something before they gave you the Ketorolac? That stuff’s been banned in a number of countries over the last two or three decades; in other countries, it can only be used at a hospital and only for a limited period of time. It’s been associated with gastrointestinal bleeding and death. I can understand that you might have to be on it for a very severe condition for which no other drug helps, but, if it wasn’t given to you under those circumstances, you might want to start shopping for a new doctor(s). Then again, I have no formal medical expertise. I just wanted to mention some of the serious problems with the drug that I’ve read about.

    I know the feeling of being betrayed by your own body. I get sinus migraines and horrible digestion problems (I probably couldn’t even live a halfway normal life if I weren’t on a vegan diet). I’m also afflicted with a serious mental illness which causes me to experience sustained levels of fear like those that most humans only experience a few brief times in a lifetime, and I’m legally blind, as well (though so lucky that I can still read and write).


    • Thanks for the comment and energies. I didn’t know Ketorolac caused GI problems and was banned in other countries. I’ve used it successfully, but am not anymore. Last week I got a daith piercing and it is working pretty good so far. I’m not having as bad headaches and am doing pretty good.


      • I had to look up daith piercing; I’d never heard of it before. I’ll have to consider it as a form of treatment if the phenylephrine and/or pseudoephedrine I normally take stop working.


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