Happy 4th of July!

Hey everyone,

Happy 4th of July! I thought I would wish everyone a wonderful day of celebration. We have so many people to thank for our freedom and sometimes we forget to celebrate them all year long, we just celebrate them this one time of the year. We must always remember that freedom is not free. Many wars have been fought over freedom and if we hadn’t we wouldn’t have the freedoms we do have today. So enjoy this great holidays and thank you to our veterans and those before us!



Merry Midsummer!

Merry Midsummer everyone! If you don’t know, today is the longest day of the year. It is also known as the Summer Solstice. This is a special time of year where the year starts its way back towards darkness. We still have plenty of time to celebrate the Summer, but before you know it, Fall will be a coming.

Today, I did a small love spell for my Midsummer day. I had made it one of my resolutions to start looking for love this year and I figured this was the time to send for help in the universe. The spell did not turn out as I wished (burned fingers), but I feel my prayers have been sent and that I will receive help soon.

Anyway, Blessings and have a wonderful Midsummer!


Reconnecting with the Earth

Hello everyone,

It’s been way too long since I have posted. I apologize for hardly updating the blog. I am sure you know, if I did not mention, that I have a job and am going back to school. However, for the summer I am taking a break from school. I’m focusing on my job and getting enough money for getting a new car.

Anyway, I felt a reconnection with the Earth. It is not often that I get a chance to connect with the Earth because now we live in a townhouse and we don’t have room to plant vegetables like we used to. However, this year I got an Aloe Vera plant. It’s one of my favorite plants. IĀ  got it in late March or early April and now I finally planted it today. It felt so good as I planted it in the clay pot and covered it in potting soil. I felt like I hadn’t in so long. Like I had connected to the Earth again. My nails and hands were dirty and I patted soil around the plant and was happy to do so. I can’t wait to see it grow. I also am going to be looking for other ways to connect to the Earth. It is a wonderful feeling to feel connected to Mother Earth. That is all for now. I will update soon!


My tattoo!

Greetings everyone,

Well today I got my tattoo. I am very happy and excited that I was able to get it done. This was my first tattoo and it did feel painful, it still was a very good experience. I am happy that I got it done. So I thought I would go ahead and show you some pictures of the tattoo.

Blue is my favorite color so I am definitely happy that the inside is predominately blue. It is just so beautiful. It represents my religion and I am going to wear it proudly. That’s it for now. Talk soon!


A much needed update

Greetings everyone,

First, Happy late Ostara. I hope everyone had a good one. Unfortunately, I did not get to celebrate much because I was working yesterday. So that sort of sucked, however, I still celebrated in my heart.

This year has been a very busy one for me. I began a job in December of last year and am still with them. I am going to school, but am going to take a break in Summer to work more and save up, plus take a math placement exam. Then in Fall I’m planning on taking more classes. It’s just been very busy. I have to work the weekend, and usually I am tired as heck when I come home. I usually don’t get on till Tuesday.

Good news. I am finally getting my first tattoo tomorrow. It’s going to be an ankh and will be on my left arm. It’s going to be two inches. I was going to get a tattoo of Anubis, but I am going to see how I react to this one then I will probably get the Anubis tattoo at the end of the year.

I will post a picture of it. It means a lot to have a tattoo. I’ve been waiting so long. šŸ™‚

I will update soon. I hope you all are blessed and have a good one.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! I hope you have fun day! Unfortunately, I have to work, but it’s money. My nephew comes over, but I won’t see him until tomorrow because I will be at work then be at home about 11:00. šŸ˜¦ At least on Sunday I will see him a bit. Anyway, have a good one!